We make sure that we always assemble the set of cut stones before delivery in order for the stonemason to ensure their correct alignment, this prevents the customer from experiencing any difficulties when installing them on the intended construction site.

At PEDRES PONENT we have incorporated this practice as an essential part of our work. We believe that a work has been correctly executed only once the stones have been “presented” in our workshop, we ensure that they fit perfectly, without any deviation.

Once this has been done – if necessary – the relevant adjustments are made and only then do we proceed with the loading and shipping of the order.




Finding the perfect type of stone for each work is fundamental. We have a wide variety of the best European sandstone and their technical specifications available to us. Some of these stones are of great value for the restoration of our geographical heritage. In the field of Granites, we are privileged to offer a large number of varieties with unique qualities, both national and imported, thanks to our close collaboration with the Group Ingemar which is, without a doubt, one of the leading companies worldwide in the production of this noble material.